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Karaoke Voice Hero Karaoke Voice Hero Karaoke Voice Hero Karaoke Voice Hero Karaoke Voice Hero Karaoke Voice Hero Karaoke Voice Hero Karaoke Voice Hero Karaoke Voice Hero


Feel like a super star – it’s rock and roll time! Take an electric guitar and let’s start a rock concert! Ever dreamed of your own rock band? You don’t have to learn to play guitar – just play track and enjoy rhythm practice! You can be a superstar artist and play guitar like at music concerts.

Imagine you’re a rising star, you own a cheap guitar and want to be in mega charts. All local bands want to be influential bands, to write rising song, to get rich quick and to take part in a regular show. Music top charts are waiting for your music group! Play superstar music with your favorite instrument and enjoy superstar life. Your rock song will be in music charts worldwide!

Karaoke voice hero – rhythmic musical game. Music beat game – enjoy playing guitar solo and imagine you can create your own music. To be in top charts you should practice music. Don’t waste energy & resources’- play with friend, imagine getting rich quick and being a genial multi-instrument supter star from your hometown.

It’s an awesome game to play. Tbh, we think it’s one of the best hero games! Play hero rhythmic games - awsome games! Even influential guitarists and music bands need music notation game to music practice play real free rock songs. Do you have real friends? Play with friends, not against them! Music fan will say – I like you!

Rock music or electronic music – tap game for any music taste! Play songs like an idol, tap rhythmically. Rhythm based games and games with good music are awesome games, isn’t it?

To become rich, you have to play live music and feel the rhythm while playing song and create notes. We can’t guarantee you’ll become one of your favorite music bands – we hope you read our detail description before track play.

Enjoy playing virtual guitar and pretend listening free rock song in this awesome game. You can’t play against friends, but you can try rhythm note and music learning. Practice play song – not best music hits ever or best music hits of all time, just funny music out of best music charts. Take a rest from busy life – imagine you can learn guitar for beginner and play best music hits discography. Find song which suits you, play tracks like playing real guitar. Superstar game for the stars - beat tap, create note and listen to rock songs. Create your playlist rock and imagine you can get likes in a real play show song or give a rock concert in large entertainment center or earn money by playing songs.

Note: you can’t get rich fast or become a music star at the top of music song charts using this tapping game. There is no free chart music, you won’t learn guitar or how to make music. Music chart is waiting for you in the future, for now just enjoy playing track and become an awesome music player! Discover new bands and climb up in music hits chart. Strongly recommend you to sing rhythms! Game is suitable for kids – a kind of babysit games.

App features:

- Rhythm beat tap cool games

- Addicting game to play

- Match games to play when your bored

- Easy to play good game

- Easy music games

- Music note reading games prank

- Instruments guitar recording simulator

- Sing song game prank

- Best match revenge

- Regular music offline game

- Music notation games
- One of the coolest apps

Addtional Information

Previous versions

  • 2.4

    Apk Filesize: 23 MB

    Requires Version: 16 (Android 4.1.x - Jelly Bean)

    MD5: c19ce59b40372dec5346eedd0bc1e41d

    Sign: 9CBA4263C5656FA493D9013C59A1635181B96061

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  • 2.3

    Apk Filesize: 22 MB

    Requires Version: 16 (Android 4.1.x - Jelly Bean)

    MD5: 075b4e1ba2a6b30e5562441a77dec3ff

    SHA1: 3b28e673205df2ee8af2352f57c876b812202178

    Sign: 9CBA4263C5656FA493D9013C59A1635181B96061

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  • 2.2

    Apk Filesize: 22 MB

    Requires Version: 16 (Android 4.1.x - Jelly Bean)

    MD5: 403345e910907d2aeed629187c3fa4c2

    SHA1: 811b00f47c9abb600507b809184d034db7fba93d

    Sign: 9CBA4263C5656FA493D9013C59A1635181B96061

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  • 2.1

    Apk Filesize: 22 MB

    Requires Version: 16 (Android 4.1.x - Jelly Bean)

    MD5: 5e79906edd7e46f66d7d0bf68bd6e927

    SHA1: f50a2ba4270d73b0c9893c44947d12b9d4429896

    Sign: 9CBA4263C5656FA493D9013C59A1635181B96061

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  • 2.0

    Apk Filesize: 22 MB

    Requires Version: 16 (Android 4.1.x - Jelly Bean)

    MD5: 86cc9a36ee9b6998730840f23d5c31e3

    Sign: 9CBA4263C5656FA493D9013C59A1635181B96061

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How to install Karaoke Voice Hero APK?

1. Check the Android version to verify compatibility of Karaoke Voice Hero APK with your smart phone; Find Android version: go to Settings - About the phone - Android version. Make sure Karaoke Voice Hero is compatible with your Android phone.
2. Click the download button to download Karaoke Voice Hero. Once the download completed,find Karaoke Voice Hero in your download folder or notification center and tap the icon to install the APK.
3. Find Karaoke Voice Hero icon in your home screen then tap the icon to open it.